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What is a Tablet?

Tablets are slim touchscreen computers that work in a similar way to smartphones. Apple iPads are the tablets most people think of first, but various tech manufacturers are competing to produce the best tablet. Samsung, Google, Amazon and Microsoft all have tablets to rival Apple’s. Tablets tend not to come with keyboards, so they’re not perfect for a full day’s work. But they’re portable, turn on quickly and provide instant access to the internet. This makes them ideal for browsing the web, emailing and casual gaming. All tablets can connect to wi-fi and some models also have 3G or 4G mobile internet connectivity. They don’t tend to have wired internet connection ports – so you’ll need to have access to wireless internet to get the most from your device.

Tablets can do some of the things a phone does, some of the things a laptop does and a few things that only a tablet can do. But can a tablet replace your laptop? Pros: Tablets combine web browsing, video watching, ebook reading, photography and emailing – and all in a mobile device with the dimensions of a magazine. Cons: Chunkier and less mobile than a smartphone, but with less power than a laptop – tablets may give you the worst of both worlds. If you already own both of those other devices, you may consider a tablet an unnecessary luxury.

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